Our Family

Howard ‘Merlin’ Wulkan

I’m Farmadelica’s ‘founder’ and the resident Producer/Engineer/Mixer. For me, it’s about the art of record making. One of my early mentors, Elliot Schiener (Steely Dan) taught me that. Here in 2021, I can say I’ve now been doing it long enough to incorporate both old-school analog techniques and modern digital techniques. I’ve worked with 100s of artists over 30 years or so in all genres of music; Neo Soul to Americana, Hard Rock to Industrial, Hip hop & Pop to Singer/Songwriter.

I’ve run record labels and distribution, made lots of albums and have taught music production to 8th & 9th graders (one of the most rewarding experiences of my life).

@farmadelicasound | #iamtherealmerlin

Aden Joshua

Aden is an electronic music producer, audio engineer & keyboardist from Orange County, CA. After traveling the country & exploring the landscape, both externally and internally, he assists Howard in the main studio with tracking and editing and runs ‘Studio B,’ specializing in EDM, Hip Hop & Vocal Production. With expertise in digital processing, Aden loves to make the ‘new sounds’ feel as alive as old ones. It’s all about unique compositions, grooves, deep harmonies & passionate vocal performances for him. As if that wasn’t enough, he also helps to create plugins, sample packs and a whole lot more.

aden@theartofrecordmaking.com | #nosaudio