Farmadelica Sound

Our studio is located on a small island off the coast of SW Florida on a 40 acre palm farm. It’s unlike any facility you’ve seen before, unless you’ve been here. 😉 It’s private, mind-blowingly gorgeous and full of mojo. We’ve got a ton of experience in all sorts of genres and a willingness to go all-out to capture that ‘spot on’ performance. We proudly use Trident Audio, API, Cranborne, Joemeek, Five Fish, SPL, NOS Audio, ADK Microphones, Aston Microphones, Shure, Audio Technica, Audix, Miktek, ElectroVoice, Avantone, KEL Audio, DV Mark, VHT, Fender, Gibson, Agile, Electro Harmonix, Mad Professor, MXR, Skreddy, Hammond, Yamaha, Tannoy, JBL, Pearl & Avedis Zildjian, among others.